Make A Payment

Welcome to our payment page! We accept deposits with Paypal, Venmo & Debit/Credit cards. The information for Paypal & Venmo is below. If you do not have a Venmo or Paypal account, we do accept deposits with a debit/credit card. Our deposits are $300. Please do not submit a deposit until you have first spoken with us! Thank you!

Our Venmo: @Denise-Gardner9

Our Paypal Email:
(If you choose to send via PayPal, you must send it  via friends & family” option.

If you do not have a Venmo or Paypal Account, you can get either account for free by going to each companies website and signing up in just a couple of minutes! We only allow debit/credit cards for deposit of your puppy only. To pay the remaining balance on your puppy when the time comes, you must send via”friends & family” on Paypal, with Venmo, or cash.

To pay with debit/credit card below, it uses a secure gateway through Paypal to process your payment.  There is a fee of 2.9% to pay with debit/credit cards.


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